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The South Lake Promise

South Lake Pharmacy is devoted to providing quality care to our patients and their caregivers. As a pharmacy that offers compounding and specialty retail services we have access to the most specialized medications and the ability to customize medications to meet all of your needs.

About South Lake Pharmacy

We believe that education and patient counseling are essential in achieving positive patient outcomes. All patients and caregivers have 24/7 access to a pharmacist and receive medication therapy management to keep patient costs to a minimum and screen for drug interactions.

What we do?

  • Customizing medications through compounding to meet patient specific needs. This includes alternate dosage forms routes of administration flavoring and customized prescription strengths
  • Hand-delivering patient’s prescriptions at no additional cost
  • Teaching free injection courses to all patients with injectable medications and their families
  • Offering medication therapy management
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist for patient and caregiver assistance
  • Knowledgeable staff that will advocate for you to receive financial assistance on your medications
Our Services

What We Do

With great advancements in our medication production technologies we offer the highest quality compounding services in the industry!

Sterile Compounding

Compounding is the art and science of customizing prescribed medications to meet each patient’s individualized needs: allergies, dosage form, medication strength, flavoring etc.


Our clinical services include: patient counseling, medication therapy managements, drug utilization review, home health care services and infusion services.


Specialty pharmacies utilize a combination of high touch care and access to specialty medications to treat patients with rare and chronic conditions.


Regularly updated and reviewed by our team of licensed pharmacists.

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