Prior Authorizations


As a specialty pharmacy, South Lake Pharmacy is dedicated to assisting your office staff in submitting prior authorizations. Our dedicated clinical care team including pharmacy technicians and insurance specialists, will ensure that prior authorizations are submitted in a timely manner. Thus your patients will have access to their medications as prescribed.

We pride ourselves in having a state of the art software system that streamlines the prior authorization process. South Lake Pharmacy also has previous insurance specialists working on our team!


What is a prior authorization?

When certain medications are not covered or are non-preferred under your insurance plan, the insurance plan requires that a prior authorization is submitted. The prior authorization states why the patient specifically needs the prescribed medication rather than the preferred options on their formulary. After the prior authorization is submitted the insurance plan will either approve or deny the request. If the request is approved the insurance plan will cover the prescribed medication. This ensures the lowest possible price for your prescription.