MK677 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

What is MK677?

Ibutamoren, known as MK677, is a selective agonist of the ghrelin receptor. It is an alternative to HGH and other growth hormones like GHRP. It has the same effects on the body of increasing hormones, however, it is a more affordable option for many users than HGH.

A primary reason many are using MK677 is the fact that it can help those who are deficient in IGF-1 (insulin-growth factor 1), and it can help increase growth hormone levels naturally. This can help naturally increase energy levels, body composition, and help reduce fatigue on the body over time. All of these are beneficial to those who want to improve their physique, for individuals who want to slim down, or for those who want to increase muscle mass. How exactly does it work? Is it safe? Is MK677 the best option for you, or should you try alternatives?

Regardless of your fitness levels, or what your goals are, MK677 is beneficial. Let’s see how it can help individuals who want to improve different aspects of their physique and physical and mental well-being.

 Common Uses of MK677

There are several uses for MK677. Depending on whether individuals want to build muscle, bulk, shred their body, or other reasons, it is beneficial in several aspects.


The more ghrelin the body produces, the greater the mass, and the greater the bulk is going to be. For bodybuilders, this is a primary reason to incorporate MK677 into your regimen. Ghrelin is going to increase your appetite; for those who want to put on mass, you need to consume more calories, so this is a natural way to do so. It also helps add new muscle cells to the body and increase the current muscle cells which are present. Therefore, faster gains and muscle development are possible with MK677.

Body Recomposition

For those who are skinny “fat” (have a beer gut or a little extra weight on certain areas of the body, without being overweight), MK677 can help. You’re going to build muscle, and you can recompose the entire physique and body structure in a short period of time with MK677. When lifting heavy weights and increasing caloric consumption, you’re going to put on muscle mass, as opposed to body fat.


Some want the opposite effect on the body; you want to lose fat, without losing muscle mass. With MK677, you can lean out the body, while maintaining the chiseled physique. Adding other compounds that help stave off hunger, and stacking with MK677, is beneficial for those who are trying to achieve this goal. Since ghrelin is known to increase appetite, if you add GHRP or other peptide compounds, you can keep your caloric intake down. With the benefits of MK677 and its ability to increase muscle mass, your body will look lean, and muscle mass won’t dissipate either.

 Benefits of using MK677 

You’re using the supplement for a reason, and you want to see changes in your physique. There are several benefits that MK677 is going to promote on users. First off, it can help increase muscle mass. The anabolic effects on the body help promote a stronger physique. Growth hormone treatments show that bone muscle density can also increase with the use of products like MK677. By stimulating bone growth turnover, both long and short-term effects are going to be felt, and seen, with MK677.

It’s not just muscle development and weight loss that MK677 benefits. It has anti-aging capabilities as well. Daily supplementation helps increase IGF-1 and growth hormone levels naturally. This helps increase the skin’s elasticity, helps fight wrinkles, and helps improve the overall appearance of the skin. Over time, this helps naturally improve the facial composition and overall body composition in users.

Improvements in cognition are possible with MK677. It can help individuals improve their memory, it can help with short-term memory loss, and it can help improve sharpness. Improving functional abilities, and processing speeds, naturally help enhance the mind. As you age, this is highly beneficial.

Many individuals are deficient in growth hormone levels; this is especially true in those who are over the age of 40. By stimulating the pituitary gland, MK677 is also going to help increase the production of growth hormones. Those who are deficient, and don’t naturally produce it in their system, will benefit greatly from supplementation. For those who don’t sleep well, MK677 can help improve the quality of sleep. Regulating the hormonal imbalances, naturally helps regulate sleep patterns as well. This will decrease sleeplessness, increase the amount of time you sleep at night, and help improve the overall quality of sleep as time passes.

Many will also benefit from using MK677 as it helps promote wound healing. It can also help increase the speed at which tissues recover. This is ideal for bodybuilders and those who workout frequently. It will help reduce the amount of time that is needed between workouts. So, you can workout the same muscle groups more often, meaning you are naturally going to develop these muscles faster than without the ghrelin receptor. It can also help in treating burns, cuts, scrapes, and bruising.

MK677 Side Effects

Side effects with MK677 are often linked to overuse or to injecting too much/too often. For most individuals, the side effects aren’t common and aren’t severe. But there are some worth noting.  Increases in hunger levels and appetite, which is common with other ghrelin mimicking hormones as well. Insulin resistance is another possible side effect, which might be an issue for diabetics. Increases in prolactin levels might also result in some users. Increased fluid levels in the body are also possible. So, water retention is going to cause bloating in some users. This is something you should be aware of prior to starting a dose cycle of the supplement. Headaches, nausea, and general body discomfort might also result from overuse of MK677. Discuss use with a doctor prior to starting a dosage cycle, to ensure it is safe. Furthermore, those who are on medications or prescription drugs, or under regular doctor/physician care, should speak with their doctors prior to starting a dose cycle, to ensure it is safe to use this supplement.

Can You Inject MK677?

Unlike other SARM, HGH, and other peptide blends, MK677 doesn’t have to be injected for you to achieve the results you will achieve. In comparison to other peptides, the same pituitary effects and benefits are achieved with MK677 capsules or oral supplementation, as is the case with other forms of injections. One of the main reasons that people use this supplement in such high quantities, is the fact that it is much cheaper than injections, and promotes the same growth, development, and other benefits to its users.

MK677 is as strong as injectable growth hormones and HGH. With this being said, there aren’t as many side effects as is the case with other injections, because it is taken in a capsule form. Furthermore, it can be stored at room temperature and doesn’t require the use of needles or vials. For those who want to experience the benefits of HGH, without the possible dangers, and want to see the improvements in other areas of their life (outside of the gym/physique), MK677 is one of the best options you’ll find available today.

Proper Dosage of MK677?

Always consult with your doctor or healthcare professional about proper dosing and if you are a candidate for treatment. General studies have indicated that dosages ranging from 12.5mg to 25mg per day increased IGF1 levels after two weeks of treatment.  In addition to the dosage, it’s also important to know when to take the capsules for the best results. In most cases, there is no study/research that suggests spreading out the dosage, or taking it in the morning or evening hours, is going to promote greater benefits. You should, however, take it at the same time each day. So, if you are using it in the morning before breakfast, and at night before bed, you should try to stick with this pattern each day when taking the MK677 capsule. This will produce the greatest results for users.

The half-life of MK677 is 24 hours. This means there isn’t a specific time of day where it is more beneficial for users to take it, than other times of the day. The cycle for using MK677 is also important when it comes to realizing the greatest benefits with the supplement. A suggested dosage cycle is anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks, to see the greatest results. Then, after a 4 to 8-week break, you can begin another dosage cycle. Like other aspects, including the dosage you will take, consult with your doctor or health care professional as these timeframes might vary from person to person.

Is MK677 a GHRP?

MK677 is not a GHRP; however, as the name suggests, it does release growth hormones. In this manner, they are similar and are beneficial for individuals who are deficient or otherwise want to increase growth hormone levels in the body. As ghrelin, the supplement will naturally help increase growth hormone levels, as it affects the rate at which the pituitary gland produces such hormones. For some individuals, this might increase levels of hunger, because ghrelin does naturally increase the appetite.

Is it Safe to Use MK677 with Other Peptide Injections?

Stacking with MK677 is safe. As long as you are following your doctor’s protocol and are using the proper dosage levels, and understand when to incorporate other injections or supplements, you can safely incorporate IGF-1, HGH, GHRP, and other injections/supplements into your regimen. Depending on your personal goals, your health levels, diet, and other health factors, how you stack these supplements, and how much of each you’re taking, is going to vary for each person using them.

Like all other supplements, you want to use MK677 safely, and you want to achieve the greatest results when supplementing. Therefore, you have to know what you’re getting, where you’re getting it from, and you have to ingest the appropriate dosage, to achieve the greatest results with this product. Before use, speak to your doctor to find out if it is safe for you to add to your regimen. Especially those taking other medications, or individuals who’ve experienced side effects from other supplements in the past. This is the only way to ensure your safety, and it will also help you achieve the greatest results possible when you’re using MK677.

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