CJC 1295 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage


With so many supplements to choose from, it’s tough to decipher what the best products are. Whether it’s building muscle, weight loss, or anti-aging benefits, people are always searching for a miracle cure or a fountain of youth solution. Although a fountain of youth might not exist, there are viable supplements, which are safe when taken at the appropriate dosage levels and can help individuals achieve the goals they wish to achieve. So, what exactly is CJC 1295? What other supplements should you pair it up with? Is it effective? These are some common facts to know before you begin a dosage cycle.

What is CJC 1295

CJC 1295, also known as CJC1295 NO DAC (drug affinity complex: growth-hormone releasing factor) GRF 1-29, is a peptide which is synthetically produced. It is known to help increase plasma growth hormone levels in some users. CJC 1295 can help increase GH (growth hormone) levels, as well as IGF-1 levels (insulin growth factor 1).  

CJC was originally developed to help treat certain medical conditions including muscle disorders, burns, and other diseases. However, in recent years, it has grown as a supplement utilized by athletes, and everyday individuals, given the health benefits it promotes. The primary purpose of CJC-1295 is to boost protein synthesis levels and help fuel the growth of muscle tissues in the body.

Research suggests that CJC 1295 stimulates HGH secretion, providing a steady increase of HGH levels, with little effect on cortisol levels.


Benefits of CJC 1295

A variety of people utilize CJC 1295 for the health benefits it promotes. Athletes use it because of the increased levels of energy it provides, as well as the ability to help increase muscle development and strength. This shorter period of development is in comparison to lifting, working out, and otherwise training, without using the supplements.

It’s not only athletes, however, who benefit from CJC 1295. It is often used by individuals who are trying to lose weight. By increasing HGH levels naturally, the body gets into a state of lipolysis, burns more calories, in turn, helping burn fat in less time than through dieting and exercise alone. This, conversely, results in greater weight loss results as well for individuals who want to lose weight. Then there are those who want to fight the signs of aging. CJC 1295 is known to help combat common signs including under-eye bags, crow’s feet, and frown lines, among other concerns individuals struggle with as they get older.

Some of the most common benefits of utilizing CJC 1295 include:

  • Boosting protein synthesis by increasing how much protein the human body can process.
  • Anti-aging properties.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved memory and cognition.
  • Greater fat loss and weight loss for individuals who are dieting and exercising (or not).
  • Stimulates the immune system health.
  • Improves skin quality, appearance, tightness, resulting in a more vibrant, jovial appearance.

Of course, one of the most well-known uses for CJC 1295 is by bodybuilders, athletes, and everyday people who want to build and develop lean muscle mass. By naturally increasing HGH levels and IGF-1 levels, the body is going to naturally increase lean muscle mass quickly.

Possible Side Effects of CJC 1295

As with any supplement, it is best to discuss use with your doctor prior to starting a dosage cycle. The same goes for CJC 1295. There are some common side effects which users complain of when using this supplement. Some individuals experience long dream sequences they can’t remember. Some users complain of numbing or tingling sensations in the fingers and extremities. Dull aches and pain in the joints are other complaints some users experience with CJC 1295.

It is important to note that headaches, hot flashes, and general pain/discomfort, are also some issues which users complain of. Although these side effects aren’t common and are typically mild, if users of CJC 1295 experience them at all, it is important to understand the risks associated with the supplement prior to starting the dosage cycle.

CJC 1295 Dosage Instructions and Administration

For those who are new to CJC 1295, and other growth hormones or supplements, it’s important to know the proper dosage levels before starting a cycle.  A general dose for CJC 1295 is 100 mcg per dose. It has been suggested that you do not want to take over 100 mcg per dose as it does not pulse your GH levels any higher and you run the risk of over-saturation of your pituitary over extended use.  Please Consult with your doctor or health care provider to provide you the proper cycle protocol. Furthermore, properly administering the injections will guarantee the best results, so users should understand proper methods of administration as well.

The proper method of administering the CJC 1295 is typically using an insulin syringe. Administering the injection two times daily (morning and evening), is oftentimes the easiest way for most people to administer the injections. It is advised to administer the shots on an empty stomach; and, you should wait up to 30 minutes after the injection, prior to drinking or eating anything. This ensures the appropriate levels are absorbed into the body.

CJC 1295 is typically administered using a subcutaneous injection. Every user will choose a different point of administering the injection. Some examples include around the waist/lower stomach (pinch a small area for the injection site), on the thigh, or on the arm. Depending on which point is most convenient, easiest to inject, and causes the least pain and discomfort, will dictate where you ultimately choose to inject the CJC 1295 shots.

In some cases, if using CJC 1295 with other supplements, these dosage levels might differ. And, the frequency at which they are administered will also vary from user to user.

CJC 1295 Uses

CJC 1295 is frequently linked to uses for muscle growth, improve sleep quality, weight and fat loss, and has been linked to anti-aging treatments as well. However, there are other uses for CJC 1295. For example, it has been linked to treating children with impaired linear growth. By increasing the growth hormone levels, it can help naturally increase growth hormone levels. It is also used to help naturally increase excretion of growth hormone levels in adults. Some individuals have a low-producing pituitary gland. If growth hormones aren’t naturally produced by the body, CJC 1295 can help naturally increase those levels.

Muscle Growth

Growth hormones can help with muscle repair, recovery, and over time, this can help naturally increase lean muscle tissue. When utilizing synthetic hormones, like CJC 1295, the body naturally heals and repairs itself more quickly than it would otherwise. Repair joint damage, speed up recovery times, rejuvenate collagen levels. When these factors are working together, growth and muscle development are going to occur at a faster rate, than in individuals who aren’t using the hormone treatments.

Fat Loss

CJC 1295 injections alter the way in which hormones are produced in the body. CJC promotes the growth hormone, GHRH. This results in weight loss, as the body has this necessary hormone to burn fat and increase weight loss in less time. The long-lasting analog influences the body’s composition. This allows the body to naturally burn more calories, target fat loss, and help increase the rate at which people using CJC 1295, are going to lose weight and burn fat.


Peptide therapies, including CJC 1295, have long been touted for their many benefits, including the ability to help fight the signs of aging. In fact, many have called this growth hormone the “fountain of youth,” because it naturally rids the body of different signs of aging. The natural increase in HGH levels helps improve the appearance of the skin in a short period of time.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Many people notice that they can improve their sleep patterns, and treat conditions like restlessness or insomnia, with CJC 1295. The peptide therapy treatment helps individuals relax and fall and stay asleep faster. By increasing the natural production of GH levels from the pituitary gland and increasing IGF-1 levels, users will naturally notice they feel calmer and find it easier sleeping. In addition to helping with sleep disorders like insomnia, it can also help improve the general quality of sleep and the duration of sleep at night.

How Long Does CJC 1295 Take To See Results?

It’s important to remember that results are going to vary for each person. An individual who is an athlete and is simply trying to put on lean muscle mass might see results faster than an individual who has 100 pounds to lose and hasn’t exercised in years. Furthermore, age, genetics, other supplements, and other external factors are going to have an effect on how quickly, and how well CJC 1295 is going to work for users.

As a rule, it is advised for users to incorporate CJC 1295 injections into their daily routine, for an 8 to 12-week cycle at a minimum. In this time, the body will have had enough time to absorb the GH and realize an increase in hormone levels. For some users, it might take longer, and for some individuals, the results might be immediate. Body composition, overall health, general wellness, diet, exercise, and other factors are going to affect this time frame in some ways.

For individuals who are looking for a quick fix, or something that is going to take effect instantly upon application/injection, CJC 1295 might not be the best solution for you. It will take a few weeks for the body to acclimate to the increase in HGH levels, and it will take some time for the body to adjust the imbalances.

For athletes, increasing the dosage cycle for a 12 to 16-week cycle is also an alternative. This will help you maximize your gains. If you choose to increase the cycle, it is important that you do so gradually, as opposed to going from an 8-week, up to a 16-week cycle all at once. Consider increasing a few days initially, then a week, a couple of weeks, and so forth. Everyone is different, so what works for one person, might not work similarly for the next person.

Is CJC 1295 for you?

Ultimately, the only way to answer this question is to begin a dosage cycle of CJC 1295 to see how the body reacts to it. Before starting a cycle, it’s advised to speak to your doctor or a health care professional. They can provide the greatest insight as to its risks, side effects, and possible complications, if you are taking other medications.

Increasing growth hormones should benefit individuals whose goal is to increase muscle mass, lose weight, or fight the signs of aging. These are some of the many factors to consider, prior to starting your dosage cycle of CJC 1295.


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