BPC 157 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage


What is BPC 157?

BPC 157, body protective compound 157, is a synthetic peptide blend. The injection offers regenerative effects on its users. As is the case with all peptides, BPC 157 is comprised of a chain of peptides; in this case, the peptide chain consists of 15 amino acids. It is a synthetic peptide because it isn’t naturally found in the body and isn’t a naturally recurring process in the body. The injection is primarily derived from protein blends which are found in the stomach. This peptide is shown to decrease pain in damaged areas. Those who suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears and damage may benefit from treatment with this peptide. It can also help aid skin burns to heal at a faster rate and increase blood flow to damaged tissues. Helping treat ulcers in the stomach, fistulas, bone and joint conditions, and inflammatory conditions, are a few of the primary benefits that have been noted with use. It can also benefit individuals who suffer from organ damage and can help improve memory and cognitive capabilities over time. So, who will benefit most from using the BPC 157 injections? How should you administer them? Is this synthetic peptide blend a bodybuilder’s dream to help repair, rejuvenate, and speed up the healing process when building muscle? These are some of the questions answered below.


How to Inject BPC 157

It can be taken orally or injected subcutaneously. Most benefit will come when using the injection form of BPC 157 for injuries, pain, inflammation, muscle sprains and damage to ligaments. The capsule form or oral form is best for stomach and intestinal issues. So, depending on the desired benefits when using BPC 157 will determine which form of administration is best for you.

The effects of the injection have been found to last in the stomach, for a period of up to 24 hours after injecting. Dosage is going to vary for each person, depending on their goals when using the BPC 157 injections. It should be administered one to three times daily. The injection should be given on an empty stomach (this includes liquids). And, it should be administered a minimum of three hours apart (if you are doing more than one injection daily). It is best to follow a breakfast, lunch, dinnertime structure if you are injecting multiple times daily. Taking it the first thing in the morning will allow you to feel the effects early in the day.  Dosage range from 200 mcg – 1000 mcg depending on protocol and treatment. Please Consult with a doctor or health care provider to provide you the proper cycle protocol.

Possible Side Effects & Interactions of BPC 157?

Much of the testing for BPC 157 has been conducted on rats; in these cases, there are no reported side effects. It’s important to discuss the injection with your primary care doctor prior to use. Doing this will help you determine if it is safe and if it is okay for you to take daily, especially if you are on other prescription or taking other medications.

Users should be aware that headaches, nausea, dizziness, and other hormonal balances are likely to occur in some users. At the injection site, it is also possible for redness, bumps, pain, or discomfort. If this occurs, it is usually mild, and the pain/discomfort should not last for more than a couple of hours after injection. If it does, then you should seek medical attention or speak to your doctor about this problem to determine the cause.

Individuals who are taking other medications or prescriptions, and those who are stacking, or using other peptides, or growth hormones, should also understand how BPC 157 will interact with these items. Additionally, allergy sufferers, or those who are sensitive to certain medications, should discuss this with their doctor prior to use.

 BPC 157’s Primary Benefits

Of course, those who are interested in using BPC 157 injections want to do so for a specific purpose. For some, it’s to increase muscle mass, help speed up the recovery process, and improve overall athletic performance. Others want to lose weight and body fat. There are several benefits to incorporating BPC 157 into your daily regimen.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Memory, cognition, improve overall brain function
  • Protection against drug-induced damage
  • Works on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to help with growth hormone production
  • Reduce body fat levels and lose weight
  • Reverses opioid tolerance levels
  • Speeds up body repair (muscle, tissue, etc.)
  • Helps increase the rate at which you can build muscle

Additionally, it can help in treating certain allergies and viruses. BPC 157 is also known to help reduce inflammation levels for individuals who suffer from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. It may help with urinary tract infections as well.

Overall improvements in body composition are also prevalent in certain users. Of course, the effects and benefits are going to vary for each user. Therefore, it’s important to keep this in mind and understand that the effects are going to differ for yourself, then they will for others who are using this injection. Dosage, frequency, and the dosage cycle you are taking the BPC 157 at are going to affect the overall results. And, if you are stacking it with other peptide blends, or with HGH, you are also going to notice that the effects might be greater, and the results might be visible in a shorter period of time, than in those who are taking BPC 157 on its own.

Primary Uses for BPC 157

The most known benefit/use of BPC 157 is that it can help in treating certain stomach conditions and disorders. For example, it is helpful in treating ulcers and issues with the digestive tract. But these aren’t the only uses for this peptide. Many people rely on it for the cognitive effects and its ability to help improve memory loss and function. Those who are forgetful or individuals who are aging will find that this injection can help them with those signs of memory loss.

For athletes, it is an excellent option to help increase muscle mass. The peptide itself is not going to increase muscle mass. However, it is going to help reduce the time necessary for muscles, bones, tissues, and joints to recover. In essence, this is going to help reduce the amount of time that is necessary between workouts and can help individuals put on more muscle mass in a shorter period of time than without the use of BPC 157. This can also help to reduce the prominence of certain injuries. So, users aren’t going to injure themselves, if they can build muscle strength in the areas they are training frequently.

Many also utilize BPC 157 for overall health benefits. It helps improve overall mobility, it can help reduce levels of inflammation and inflammatory conditions and can help improve overall levels of health. Of course, taking it with other medications, and following a balanced diet and exercise regimen, are further going to help promote the benefits of BPC 157. And, those who are using other injections, such as IGF-1 and other peptide blends, are also going to reap the benefits that the injection has on the body.

Is BPC 157 Illegal

BPC 157 is not listed as an illegal compound by governing sports bodies. Therefore, athletes alike can use this injection without worrying about it disqualifying them from certain competitions. USADA and WADA have not banned the use of BPC 157. For athletes who want to enhance their performance, and do so in a legal manner, you are going to find that this is one of the best peptides available to help in building muscle and maintaining overall muscular and joint health.

Do I have to Refrigerate BPC 157?

Like other peptide injection blends, BPC 157 does have to be reconstituted in order to inject. Therefore, it should be refrigerated to ensure it can be used as intended. In addition to reconstituting the BPC, when it is refrigerated, it is going to help increase the shelf-life as well. Since most of these products typically have to be used up within 30 days after reconstitution, refrigerating it at the appropriate temperature levels, is going to ensure it will remain stable, for that period of time, after opening the vial for use and reconstituting it. Oral capsules do not have to refrigerate, you do want them in a cool dry place.

How long before you see results with BPC 157?

Most users are likely to see results of BPC 157 on their body, relatively quickly after they begin a dosage cycle. In fact, most will notice the results in a couple of weeks after they begin to use. With the dosage cycle typically running for a period of 6 to 12 weeks, this means users are going to experience great results when using this. Especially those who are using higher dosage levels, you’ll feel the immediacy in muscle building, development, and overall health, with the injections being administered daily.

Every person is different, therefore the results, and how quickly you will see results are going to vary. For most, this is the time it will take before you will notice the benefits of the injections. However, in some users, it might occur instantly upon the first few days. While others are going to find that it takes a little longer than two weeks before they do will notice the effects it is going to have on the body.

Is BPC 157 Right for You?

Like most other injections, peptide blends, and growth hormones, it is best to test out different products to find what is going to work best for you. There are several tremendous benefits that BPC 157 promote for its users. However, what works for one person isn’t necessarily the best option for the next person. So, like the other items, it is best to go through an entire dosage cycle before deciding whether or not BPC 157 is right for you or not.

There are no adverse side effects or major health risks that are linked to BPC 157. Additionally, the many benefits it promotes on the body are highly documented by its users. Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, or improve your memory, this is a great injection to add to your day. It’s important, however, to choose a reputable, US-based seller, when ordering it online. Take the time to find the right supplier to order BPC 157, that’s made in the US to ensure the greatest results are achieved.

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